Brick Stack Grapple Machine – Parallel Squeeze

Mechanic lab’s parallel squeeze grabber is a versatile material handling tool, which can be attached to forklift or crane for mass movement of bricks. The parallel squeeze grabber is designed to function in synchronous manner for balanced material handling and movement.

The grabber can be attached for handling.

  • Aerated concrete blocks, Regular Concrete blocks, Paver blocks.
  • Hollow blocks.
  • Palletized & non-palletized goods.


  • Quck loading or unloading and transfer of material.
  • Increases plant productivity by reducing material movement time.
  • Minimal material damage due to machine handling.
  • Easy to use and low maintenance.
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Bundle Wrapping Machine

Automatic Stretch film wrapping machine is mainly used for packaging of flat drip irrigation pipe bundles with HDPE stretch film.

Wrapping machine assist in reduction of labor by automating the wrapping process around bundle by giving good finish to the product.

The Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine can also accommodate other products with minor updates. The machine can be used for:

  • Drip pipe bundle.
  • Cable coil wrapping
  • Luggage wrapping
  • Box wrapping


  • Protection against rain, moisture and dust.
  • Prevent telescoping of rolls.
  • Save packaging cost, labor and time.
  • Better identification of wrapped product.
  • Gives product stability.
  • Economical way of packing.
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Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet stretch wrapping machine is an ideal machine for wrapping pallets, including high-cube containers, ready to be exported in containers. In addition, the stretch film packing is used for protection against perforation, moisture, protection against corrosion from sea air, dust etc.

It is ideal for packing products like textile cone yarn, castings, light & heavy engineering goods, pharmaceutical products.


  • Improved toughness at lower gauge offering excellent load stability and more sustainable film solution.
  • Enhanced puncture, dart impact and tear resistance for more efficient wrapping operation.
  • Significant unit cost reduction through down-gauging.
  • Improved film optics for easy bar code reading.
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Tapping Machine

Mechanic labs unique indigenously designed and developed water tap fitting machine, which is a boon for plastic jar manufacturing industries. The machine reduces labor effort and production time considerably thereby increasing the profit margins.

The tapping Machine is ideal for tap fittings on plastic jar water dispensers and juice dispensing jars

Unique Features

  • Suitable for 10 liter and 20 liter jars.
  • Tap tightening force can be adjusted as per customer requirement.
  • Fittings up to 150 bottles per hour.
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Wireless Motor Controller

Considering the practical situations in manufacturing plants often it necessities the requirement to operate and monitor the machines at same time, Since this is not possible with panel mounted motor switches.

Mechanic labs has developed a hand held wireless motor controller which operates the motor from any place within range.

  • Dragger trolley in AAC plants.
  • Conveyer lines.


  • Wireless Operation
  • No risk of wire cut or short circuit
  • Multi station control from single remote.
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Energy Management System

Mechanic labs Energy Managament System (EMS) is an intelligent tool designed to monitor the Plant power consumption and machine health status continuously.

  • Any small and medium enterprises with multiple power driver equipments and machinaries.


  • Single interface to monitor and analyse the factory power requirements.
  • Reduce the surplus operation of equipments.
  • Data Log of machines and equipments help in formulating operations strategy and power management.
  • Assists in preventive maintenance planning.
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