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Automated Test Rigs

Automated test rigs are specialized equipment used by automotive component manufacturers to test components like switches, brake levers, gear shifters, and many more. They simulate real-world conditions and offer precise measurements of various parameters such as force, displacement, angle, and torque. The advantages of using these rigs include speed, efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and adaptability, allowing for thorough testing of components under different conditions. Overall, automated test rigs are crucial for improving product quality, reducing test time, costs, and increasing manufacturing efficiency. Rigs are designed to operate in extreme temperatures depending on the customer requirements.

Durability and Endurance Fixtures

Endurance and durability fixtures are crucial for automotive manufacturers to test components under real-world conditions. These fixtures are PLC controlled and automated to complete the number of cycles given by applying desired force and necessary linear movement control. They are highly adaptable and customizable, enabling efficient testing of components under different scenarios. Endurance and durability fixtures offer the advantages of speed, efficiency, and precise testing, allowing manufacturers to identify issues and make improvements in a timely manner.

Switch Testing Solutions

Switch testing is a critical part of validation process in the automotive industry. We use advanced technology to simulate real-world conditions, allowing designers and manufacturers to test the functionality of switches under a range of different scenarios. By using servo or stepper motors, and encoders, controlled by PLC provides precise control over the switches, ensuring that they meet or exceed industry standards. We offer customized test rigs to test a wide range of different switches, including push-button switches, toggle switches, rotary switches, and more.

In-dashboard Touch Screen Testing

In-dashboard touch screen testing is crucial in ensuring the reliability, accuracy, and responsiveness of touch screens in vehicles. These tests require precise linear movement of the stylus and load monitoring to simulate real-world conditions. Testing rigs can control loads as low as 1n, providing accurate testing of touch screens while preventing issues such as cracking or malfunctioning due to excessive force. In-dashboard touch screen testing is a valuable investment for any manufacturer looking to produce high-quality and reliable touch screens for their vehicles.

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