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Testing Fixtures

Vibration Fixtures

Vibration fixtures simulate the Sine shock and random vibration profiles that automotive components may experience during normal use, allowing for accurate testing and evaluation of their performance. Vibration fixtures are made in steel, aluminum, and hallow sections depending upon the requirement. They are flexible, adaptable, efficient, and cost-effective, providing reliable testing and ensuring that products meet industry standards.

Part Holding and Checking Fixture

Part holding and checking fixtures are crucial components of the automotive manufacturing process, holding components in place during assembly and verifying their accuracy and quality. These fixtures are precise, versatile, and cost-effective, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency while ensuring the highest quality finished product.

Static Deployment Lab Fixtures

Static Airbag Deployment fixtures simulate vehicle condition and environment, these testing fixtures are used in development of airbag and help in identify potential issues and performance of airbags on component level. All static deployment fixtures are designed as per customer component CAD data. We design and develop customized fixtures to test a wide range of different airbag systems, including driver airbags, passenger airbags, side airbags, and more. We offer static airbag deployment lab accessories such as checker board, temperature suites, Tripods, laser markers, IR thermometers and more.

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