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Passive Safety Lab

MLabs in association with our strategic global partners, we supply a high-quality passive safety equipment to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, and more. With a commitment to providing reliable and effective equipment, we offer a wide range of passive safety test products. All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring accurate and consistent results every time. We are dedicatedly providing our customers with exceptional customer service and technical support to ensure that they have access to the best passive safety lab equipment in the market.

Full Crash Test Laboratories

SABO Madrid Machinery specializes in the design and development of full-scale crash test facilities that enable the testing of vehicles for research and development purposes, in accordance with the latest regulations such as UN ECE, FMVSS, GB, AIS, KMVSS, ADR, NCAP, and RCAR. SABO provide end-to-end solutions, starting from the evaluation of civil works, all the way through to the delivery and commissioning of turnkey projects. We offer a complete range of solutions that meet all the necessary requirements for their clients.


  • Modular and customized solution in all components of the facility Propulsion system, Impact Barriers, Guiding and Filming pits,
  • Layout definition and consultancy
  • Design and supply of Auxiliary Subsystems Lighting, Data acquisition, HSV Cameras, Airbag squib units, Speed meter,
  • Car to car impacts at different speeds and angles
  • Laboratories for Electric Vehicles (FMVSS 305 and UN R 94 R 95
  • Velocity of impact up to 120 km/h 5 tons)
  • Filming pits different configurations
  • Hydraulic disk brake
  • Static and Dynamic Rollover tests
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Crash Simulation System

The Crash Simulation System utilizes a rail guided platform, where sled is propelled at a programmed speed and slowed down through an impact barrier, achieving the necessary deceleration curves specified in various regulations. This system provides a cost-effective solution for ensuring conformity in production, including homologation and development tests.


  • Different propulsion methods: bungee cords and electric drive
  • Different sled platforms configuration are prepared for guidance rails or crash tracks
  • Velocity of impact up to 70km/h
  • Payloads to be tested up to 1500 kg
  • Maximum deceleration up to 60g
  • Track length from 20m
  • Supply and integration of Lighting, DAS, HSV cameras, Sensors, Seats, Dummies, etc.
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Universal Launchers

The SABO Universal Launcher is a test system comprised of modular components that enables the testing of pedestrian and interior components. This system is both compact and highly accurate, providing reliable results. Its control system is robust and user-friendly, allowing users to manage various subsystems with ease through software and a remote pendant. Additionally, its design features compact subsystems that make installation and commissioning hassle free.


  • Electrical propulsion system based on linear motors that assures minimum maintenance and long service lifetime
  • Compact design, easy configuration, and quick exchange of launching devices
  • High repeatability, no need for calibration tests
  • Integrated data acquisition channels and trigger outputs
  • Interface with auxiliary devices like HSV, lighting
  • Maximum speed 16.5 m/s (others upon request)
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Static Airbag Deployment (PYROS)

Pyros is a comprehensive testing system designed for deploying airbags and firing squibs within a laboratory setting. It offers a range of features, including squib firing, sensor data acquisition, high-speed camera control, analysis, and report generation, making it a cost-effective solution for testing airbag deployment and other pyrotechnic devices.


  • Used for testing pyrotechnical systems, airbag systems and electric igniters
  • Squib firing 2 or 4 channels, 6 amps per channel, 100 ns Timing Resolution, Current and Voltage recording during ignition
  • Data acquisition of Pressure sensors, Load cells, 20 kHz sampling rate
  • Report generation tool integrates graphs, data from squibs and sensors
  • High speed cameras integration controls, configures, retrieves and saves images, automatic AVI creation
  • Synchronized playback of sensors data and video
  • Integration with aux systems ex fan, door lock, lighting, beacon, climatic chamber
  • Safety interlocks hardware and software
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High-Speed LED Lights

MLabs in association with Winsure Optical Sciences that creates cutting-edge products that cater to the specific requirements of customers, including those with extreme conditions such as high temperatures, high pressure, and extreme cold. We utilize specialized FEA software to simulate potential application scenarios and assess the product's suitability for those conditions. The product range covers on-board and off-board lighting systems with Auto roof lamp positioning systems.


WS-200W-III WS-240W
WS-500 & WS-SE-500W WS-1000 & WS-3000
WS-1600W WS-CL-100W (A/B)
Transformer Power Supply (8/16 Channels) Battery (48V/6AH)


  • No flicker at 10,000 frames of high-speed shooting
  • No UV radiation, harmless to human health
  • Instant on and off to reach a normal working condition
  • LED lamp bead chip life up to 50,000 working hours
  • Negligible heat radiation
  • High luminous efficiency
  • Light source module requires no maintenance
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